Google Doodle celebrates KL Saigal’s 114th birth anniversary

Search giant Google is well known for its regular dose of doodles. The illustrations often involve birth anniversaries, major events such the World Cup and also major campaigns that have taken off worldwide. Today happens to be the 114th birth anniversary of singer-actor KL Saigal and Google celebrated it with by dedicating a doodle.


Regarded as the Shehansha-e-mausiqi or Sangeet Samrat, Kundan Lal Saigal has recorded 185 songs aside from acting in 36 films, in a span of around 15 years. Saigal had passed away in January 1947.



Saigal became popular in the music industry early in the 30s when BN Sircar, founder of New Theatres, Calcutta revealed him to the Indian audience. Saigal had a sonorous and a unique singing voice and is considered to be Bollywood’s first superstar. Saigal was well-known as the gold standard for all the stars that came after him. This includes legends such as Mohammad Rafi and Kishore Kumar.


Saigal had learned to sing from his mother and from devotees singing at local religious shrines. He did not complete school and before his break, he did odd jobs for a living. Sometimes he worked as a salesman and sometimes a timekeeper.


Saigal in 1933 sang for a film called Puran Bhagat. The songs became very popular and the genius behind it soon rose to fame. Some of his most notable films are Presiden”, My Sister, Zindagi, Chandidas, Bhakta Surdas, Tansen among others.

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