Guess Who: This popular Bollywood filmmaker is hosting rave parties to impress a foreign OTT platform

He is one filmmaker who is known for hosting mega Bollywood bashes at his house in Mumbai. His contemporaries envy him for the kind of love and attention he gets not just from the Gen X, Y and Z of the industry but also the seniors from the film fraternity. But these days, the head-honcho of B-Town’s most successful production house is busy impressing delegates from the foreign land. A little birdie tells us that the uber stylish filmmaker had big plans to branch out and expand his multi-functional production house. A few months down the line he realized he needs to twist his vision and what followed are big… fat… rave parties!

It so happened that the hit filmmaker had plans to launch an OTT platform under his banner. Guess, he too wanted to jump on the bandwagon of having his own OTT platform just like a few of his contemporaries. However, after realizing that these investments attracted a million dollar cash-burns, he has taken a different route. Buzz is that apart from producing commercial movies and ad films, he is now looking at delving into the world of web. People close to him have been whispering that the director-producer is ready with some interesting ideas for web shows and is wanting to pitch them to American OTT giants. Wait till you know how he is driving their attention.

In the current scenario where Indian filmmakers are lining up at the doorsteps of the OTT giant, this filmmaker too is at his best trying to excite the content platform that has given the audience some superhit binge-worthy shows.

We hear he is hosting grand rave parties where alcohol (you name the brand and it’s there at the bar) keeps flowing and the tables are filled with other party substances. Not just that, the foreign delegates from the OTT team that arrives at his place, are also witness to leggy lasses who put up a show exclusively for them behind closed doors. We won’t be surprised if an announcement from the said banner is underway any time soon!

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