Gully Boy fever is everywhere! Watch as Twinkle Khanna channels the inner gully girl

It's Valentine's Day, folks. Either you are spending the day with your loved one, or you've no plans other than to scroll Facebook and hit like on your friends' pictures. In Bollywood, however, even the single ones can post kickass pictures with more kickass captions. Phew! Through the day, amongst everyone who's been uploading photos and videos with the special ones, we've just found our favourite. It is none other than Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna!

As a rare instance, this year's Valentine's Day special release isn't a love story. Instead, it is Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt's Gully Boy, the soundtrack of which already has everyone tripping. Twinkle is no exception. In the video shared by Akshay, she does her own, unique, hilarious version of Apna Time Aayega. "My 24x7 entertainment," the hubby writes. The only question we want to ask is which 'time' is she talking about!


Hence, writing books and acting as a hands-on mother at home aren't the only things Twinkle is good at. She can also double up as a great entertainer, although her films wouldn't testify to that...LOL!

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