Gully Boy: Ranveer Singh raps to perfection in this trailer announcement

We just got a taste of yet another talent that Ranveer Singh possesses. After showing us what he can do with dialogues and dance moves, he has turned a rapper this time, and a splendid one! On Friday, the makers of Gully Boy released a trailer announcement video; with an impressive one and a half minute of rap splendidly done by Ranveer as glimpses of the story run in the background. We see love, lust, passion, and fallouts; pretty much the essence of the entire film.

Gully Boy looks like not only the rise of an artist but is also a thorough chronicle of how his surroundings influence him and how he channelises his inner emotions through his music. Zoya Akhtar, who truly understands the pulse of the youth, also seems to have taken care of the sub-plots. As an added interest, the makers decided to ditch a conventional teaser which comes out prior to the trailer; and opted for a trailer announcement video. It is longer than a teaser but briefer than a trailer and leaves you asking for more. The one and a half minute are an out and out Ranveer Singh show. The trailer, that comes out on 9th January, will definitely have more of other stellar performers including Alia Bhatt.

Gully Boy is inspired by the lives of street rappers Divine (originally Vivian Fernandes) and Naezy (originally Naved Shaikh) who are known for their track Mere Gully Mein. It rolls out in theatres on the 14th of February. Valentine's Day isn't going to be typical this year!

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