Gully Boy trailer: Ranveer Singh's resolute raps are a rebel in themselves

Raise your hands if you wanted more of Ranveer Singh's rap and Alia Bhatt's magnificent act besides Zoya Akhtar's master touch. That's a great recipe together, right? Gully Boy makers are totally walking a wacky way, with some intriguing content in hand. They replaced a conventional teaser with a trailer announcement video that had Ranveer rapping to perfection. It must have been contagious because through the next few days, he was only rapping...haha! But bunk that, the true action is here.

Ranveer is a rebel here. He is angry, stubborn and determined. 'Apna Time Aayega' isn't a mere hook-phrase. It carries the entire essence of the film. His love story with Alia Bhatt isn't the rosy one either. It crops up amid crisis and still blooms. As the narrative plays in the backdrop, we see glimpses of scuffles, loss, grievance, fallouts and an unpopular shade of love.  Alia Bhatt's character is of a subtle, fiery woman that balances Ranveer.  The feel of the trailer is much in sync with a larger social scenario many of us might comfortably overlook.

In the beginning, Gully Boy was conceived as rapper Naezy's (Naved Shaikh’s) story.  But sometime last year, the rapper from Mumbai Sattar (70) enrolled himself into rehab for drug abuse. Sources say that this is when the makers of Gully Boy decided against calling it Naezy’s story. The makers are now calling Gully Boy the story of Mumbai street rappers. It hits the theatres on 14th February.


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