Happy Independence Day: Ranveer Singh flags off celebrations in style

It has been 73 years since the date India shrugged off the colonial chains of the British Raj and acquired the status of an independent nation. The marks of the atrocities are still there, and but we are balming over those to create a new story, one step at a time. And as we enter yet another year of freedom on this August 15, look who from Bollywood is flagging off the celebrations in his quintessential and quirky style; Ranveer Singh.

The actor who is literally the live-wire of the industry took to social media to flaunt his love for the country with that radiant smile of his, coupled with the obvious enthusiasm.

This exuberant post of Ranveer brings forth his message for the nation quite clearly; the young are the force to reckon with. If we can reign, train and mould them, along with lending an ear to their wild yet well-intentioned ideas, guess our independent nation's energies would be channelised in a far better way.

Happy Independence Day folks. May our movies be free from the clichés and our hearts be filled with stories that make us beam. Ranveer, we are sure you'd be in one of those, spreading a cheer on the big canvas of cinema.

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