Have you seen Karan Johar's 'rare' pool picture yet?

How many of you remember Karan Johar giving it away during one of the first episodes of Koffee With Karan that he was on a ketto diet? The director-producer went on to reveal that he started following Atkins diet but moved away from there upon discovering that Dr Atkins had passed away due to his own diet! Next was general motors diet which didn't suit him either. Now, here is Karan, following ketto, the latest obsession of all who want to shed a pound or two, quickly.

Wondering why are we talking about his diet all of a sudden? The diet is surely working for Karan; so much that he got a beach bod now! ;) You must have seen a million selfies of him by now and in most of them, he flaunts his pouting skill (even after we repeatedly tell him he is the best at it). But Karan dipping in a pool? A rare sight. Here's a rare photo of that rare sight, courtesy the man himself. You'd agree with us that he indeed lost a lot of weight.


Karan, along with a bunch of colleagues, recently met PM Narendra Modi and had an enriching discussion. We love how he keeps posting pictures of his munchkins Yash and Roohi. His camaraderie with tinsel town buddies is fun too. But we wouldn't mind more pool photos too! ;)

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