Hina Khan gets slammed for posting a dancing video in the month of Ramazan

Television actress Hina Khan is  known face. The actress, who ​rose to fame after her stint in Bigg Boss 11, seems to be the controversies favourite child. On and off she makes it to the headlines and unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. This time she is splattered all over the news for posting a dancing video of hers on Instagram. Wearing a shimmering outfit showing off her midriff, Hina posted a glamorous video of hers. It is a sweet video of the actress being excited before the event. But unfortunately, she has got into trouble with the Instagrammers for doing so.


Considering that the holy month of Ramazan is going on, people are bashing her for posing in such clothes and dancing. Involving in culture-shamming, Hina Khan has received quite a few hate comments for the same.

Some of them have been posted below.


While on TV, Hina has always had this image of being the sanskari bahu but it looks like her fans are finding it difficult to digest that she has a glamorous side too.

Meanwhile, Hina Khan did not stop. Like a slap on the face of all her haters, the beautiful actress went ahead and posted a few more pictures sporting some nice shimmering outfits exposing her hot bod to the perfection.

To end with, we would just like to say, ‘haters gonna hate and potatoes gonna potate’.

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