IIFA’s big surprise: Rekha to perform after 20 years

The International India Film Academy Awards are just around the corner and Varun Dhawan has a surprise for you. He’ll be performing at the IIFA Awards in Bangkok, but that’s just the start. The October star revealed that fans of Rekha will be in for a treat as the star will perform at the event after 20 long years! Let that sink in for a bit.


At the IIFA press conference on Tuesday evening in Mumbai, a number of celebrities arrived including Kriti Sanon, Varun Dhawan and Rekha herself. “For me, it is going to be such a big highlight to watch her (Rekha) perform live and I know a little bit of her act,” said Varun, adding that this year he’ll be doing something different from what he did last year. Varun hopes to do a live act in a marketplace, with the crowd in Bangkok.


Bobby Deol was also present and he too had a big announcement. The Race 3 actor said that he will be performing some of his old hits. This will be his return to the awards ceremony after seven years.

“I’m excited to be a part of IIFA and looking forward to performing some of my old hits and hits from Race 3. So… what more do I say? Thank you so much for your love and wanting me back on stage. I’m going to do my best,” said Bobby.


IIFA is barely 10 days away and stars are hard at work preparing for the big event. Last year the award show was held in New York and saw many fans in America hoarding to the Big Apple to get a glimpse of their favourite stars. With Bangkok being a popular destination among tourists, IIFA is sure to draw a lot of people to that destination too.

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