Javed Akhtar slams a twitter troll who tried to mock him

Renowed lyricist and screenwriter Javed Akhtar has done it again. Known to be sharp with his words, Javed Saheb has once again slammed a troll who tried to take a dig at him. This netizen mocked Javed Akhtar for sharing his thoughts over communism and in return received a piece of the lyricist’s mind.


Javed Akhtar did not keep mum and decided to give it back to the troll with full power. The word is mightier than the swords, and Javed Akhtar proves it right. In this case, his keyboard is mightier of all!


It all began when a Twitter user named Ankit Jain reminded Javed Akhtar that he had asked to dismiss a female cop from her job because she had written a poem the lyricist allegedly did not like. Javed Akhtar lost his cool and lashed out at Jain. Ankit Jain was just attempting to make a point about how hooligans desecrating memorials of martyrs and creating havoc were absolved of any guilt while lakhs of Kanwariyas are being branded hooligans due to some stray incidents.


Akhtar, in an attempt to justify his call for her dismissal, claimed he did so because one line of her poem was taken from his song. Javed ji quite a champion on Twitter!


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