John Abraham on the battle of releasing Parmanu and his upcoming projects

John Abraham's Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran that aimed to recreate an important chapter of India's nuclear research, has opened to mostly good reviews. However, the actor himself is feeling relieved than anything else. "It was a difficult process. Releasing itself was a miracle in itself. It was like a nuclear test that was conducted in 98," he chuckles.

I ask him about films that almost throw patriotism on your face, of course overdoing it. They most definitely don't serve their purpose. "Parmanu is not an overly patriotic jingoistic film. Parmanu is an engaging thriller. Mera maqsad yehi tha, ki get a fantastic thriller. By chance, if the audience says, bees sal pehle kya tha usse humko kya lena dena? We are proud to Indian anyway..they should find it engaging. They should say, wow, what a thriller! The byproduct of that is, when they walk out, they should be like, sahi hai yaar! Humein pata nahi tha India mein aisa hua tha! Really proud to be an Indian! That's the byproduct. Patriotism is a byproduct," he emphasizes.


Unless you were living under the rock, you would know what an ugly spat took place. Prernaa Arora's KriArj entertainment, the then co-producers, were accused of non-payments, deciding release dates without consulting other parties involved, business deals without enough clarity and more.

"When you've co-producers that are trying to pull the film down or are not paying you, it affects the film. I had to go to the court and I am thankful to the honorable High Court for accepting me.  Even when we were fighting for the release, there were five dates announced; three of them I had no control over," informs John.

Because he is planning to back a number of films with really good content, I quiz him whether production was always at the back of his mind. "I always wanted to be a producer when I started off, simply because there was a huge mismatch between the kind of movies he wanted to do or the kind of movies one would have liked to see. Today, when you see the same movies, you'd feel, what bad acting is it? He is just overdoing it. The subtility of the performance that I am doing today, is considered very good. But I was doing it all along! It's just that your choice has changed. Thankfully for me, most of these heroines have got married now. So it's good for me! Things have become easier," he laughs.

The actor is finishing Satyamev Jayate in the first week of June and also has Romeo, Akbar and Walter lined up. On the production front, he promises something interesting is under his sleeves. "I am starting a web series. and starting two other subjects together. In all three, I am not starring. I can't say much about it now. It's a very interesting web series on a best-selling novel that we'be brought," he refused to divulge any more detail.

Before I sign off, I wonder if female-centric films are also on his to-do list. “Of course I have a great subject. I've to reach out to actors.  I will reach out to female actors and see what they want to do,” he affirms. Hence, look forward to John Abraham coming back to business with a bang!

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