Kajol once had a huge crush on Akshay Kumar, reveals Karan Johar

Akshay Kumar is one of the best-looking actors in the film industry. Apart from that, he is also a big disciplinarian, a family man, and, of course, someone with a great sense of humour. That being said, he enjoys a huge fan following, especially among the ladies. While we are talking about Kumar’s female fan-following, his close friend Karan Johar has made a shocking revelation. It all happened at a recent episode of The Kapil Sharma Show when Karan Johar was accompanied by his old friend and colleague Kajol.

As the two started talking about how they met for the first time, KJo credited Akshay Kumar because the Kesari actor was the reason behind his friendship with Kajol. The filmmaker further revealed that there was a time when Kajol had a big crush on Akshay Kumar. In fact, Kajol was so head over heels for the actor that was even looking for him at the premiere of a film named Henna. “I met Kajol at another party, at the premiere of Henna movie. Kajol had a big crush on Akshay Kumar and was looking for him at the entire premiere and I was her support then. So both of us were looking for him at the entire event. While we didn’t find Akshay, but it was the beginning of our friendship. Both of us stayed in South Mumbai and that’s where our friendship developed further,” said Karan Johar.

Here's a still of Karan Johar and Kajol from The Kapil Sharma Show:


Coincidentally, Kajol did get to work alongside Akshay Kumar in a film called Yeh Dillagi, which was produced by Yash Chopra. Such a lucky girl!

Further, Kajol revealed what Karan was wearing when they first met. “It was a film party at a discotheque. Mr Johar arrived in a three-piece suit and I just couldn’t stop laughing, wondering what kind of a man wears that!” LOL! Nothing really has changed!

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