Kangana Ranaut’s ‘humans don’t need fertility clinic’ comment a jibe at Karan Johar?

Kangana Ranaut recently opened up about marriage and family. The actress declared that she is not marriage ready. The actress went on to reason why she feels no need to be a part of this institution. Not the one to mince words, the Manikarnika actress shot words that could offend many in Bollywood. We have often seen the actress share some special moments with her nephew, however, Kangana has no plans of having her own babies. The actress even went on to say that she has great respect for “couples who consciously decide not to have children.”

The conversation, however, did not end at that. The Mental Hai Kya actress cited her guru and said, “My guru says that if we were tigers and if we were any other species, we needed fertility clinics. But humans do not need fertility clinics.” One cannot help but wonder if Kangana’s this statement is a jibe at Karan Johar. The filmmaker recently became a father of Yash and Roohi through surrogacy. In fact, like Karan, there have been other celebrities too like Tusshar Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan, who have opted for surrogate babies over adoption.

While the actress shared her spiritual guru’s thoughts on surrogacy, Kangana’s own opinion about parenthood is not very different. According to the actress, “Being a mother to my dog. I have underestimated that love and involvement. But after having my nephew, because he’s like a son to me, I can say that there’s no difference to having a dog or having a human baby. It just depends on how big is your ego… that you want a piece of yourself.”

The actress has no plans of tying the knot or then starting a family in traditional sense anytime soon. But feels that “it’s a beautiful world and there are so many people waiting to be loved, it doesn’t have to be one.”

Kangana also had a bone to pick with the industry. The actress feels that her peers turn a blind eye towards her, “You see, I will praise Alia or Anushka. I have praised everyone. I have never shied away from going to Deepika’s Piku trial. I saw Sonakshi’s Lootera and whole year I praised her. Why is everyone like she doesn’t exist? Why is that going on? You know I exist. My film has crossed millions of views. It’s one of the most promising films this year. Nobody talks about my teaser or trailer.”

Without mincing any words, the actress goes on to add, “If you see other film industries also, you don’t have to be coming out of each other’s ass. But people exist. It’s as simple as that. When I saw Raazi I praised it. I didn’t think whose film it is, it is a film. It doesn’t belong to an individual it belongs to the society.”

It was writer Prasoon Joshi, who helped her understand why she could be standing alone in the industry after all. The actress alleged that Prasoon Joshi said, “Kangana, mediocrity is always going to be threatened by talent. There’s nothing that mediocrity fears more than talent.” And Kangana couldn’t agree more.

We’ll have to wait and watch if Kangana’s comments will again sour a war of words between her and Karan Johar like it had after the actress’ Koffee With Karan stint where the actress had declared the Dharma Productions head honcho as the flagbearer of nepotism. Watch this space.


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