Karan Johar changes his underwear thrice a day and the reason will crack you up

Filmmaker Karan Johar is quirky, sassy and of course stylish. The man who is hosting the sixth season of Koffee With Karan has always managed to bring some fun and big revelations to his Koffee couch, courtesy celebrities. Recently, Johar swapped roles for Neha Dhupia's radio show No Filter Neha and was on the receiving end where he spilt a lot of hilarious beans about himself. In a video shared by Neha on IG, we see Dhupia quizzing Karan about carrying 14 suitcases on his trip to Europe. The answer given by Karan will crack you up.

Karan who is known to be quite vocal about his feelings and does not mince words got all candid and admitted that he was all blank about his clothing as he was gonna travel multiple places and was also unaware how the weather would be at each destination. "I was going to London for 3 days which was like oscillating between pre-fall. So, I was confused between winter wear and the end of summer wear. So, it was a bit of trauma." But the most interesting part was when Karan discussed his underwears. He said, "I carry a lot of underwears. Because I don't always have time to send them to the laundry, so I just wear fresh. And I like to change 3 underwears a day. The problem is that I don't like to be in one underwear all the time because it just makes me feel like my inners are suffering and I need to like always reinvent my inners."


Now, we know Karan's undergarment secret that he likes to wear all things fresh beneath and laundry is a big no-no for his inner wears. Seems like more of an OCD, right Karan?


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