Karan Johar: Shahid, Ranveer and Arjun said NO to my movies

With coffees and Karan, it was time when the tables turned as Karan became the interviewee alongside Shweta Bachchan Nanda on Neha Dhupia’s show BFFs With Vogue. The filmmaker brought all his sass and candidness to the show as he talked everything from being rejected by various actors, doing anything for money, giving some straight-up fashion advice to Neha Dhupia, to pulling Shweta’s leg.

A pro at talk shows (thanks to Koffee With Karan), Karan did not hold back when Neha asked him the most boldest of questions. “Will you pose naked for money?” asked Neha to which Karan replied, “I’d pose naked for no money, have you seen my body, Neha?”

“Money. I can do anything for. I have done Indian television,” Karan said. While speaking that he is called a shell-out on occasions, Karan replied, “For money, I’d go for the opening of an envelope.”

Contrary to popular belief, Karan said that he is not all-that-sought-after. “I’ve tried to cast Shahid Kapoor a couple of times and he’s said no. Arjun Kapoor has said no to me. Ranveer Singh has said no to two movies,” he said.

Neha asked Karan the one thing he would like to change about her and Karan retorted, “I want you to stop wearing bed linen, and I want you to start wearing fabric that fits. You’re not as large as you think you are in your head.”

Shweta asked Karan to stop hanging out with star kids at party. “They must’ve said something about EDM one time, and every time we’ve hung out after that, Karan’s like ‘guys let’s put on some EDM’,” she said. To which Karan coolly said, “She’s obsessed with star kids. She’s the world’s biggest stalker. She’ll discuss all of them, not just Navya (Shweta’s daughter), but also Aryan, Suhana, Ananya...” Turning to Shweta he said, “You think I hang out with them at parties, I at least don’t stalk them online.”

Neha quizzed Shweta about the most overrated actor in the industry, to which the latter started humming. “Amitabh Bachchan ki beti hai, kaise bolegi (She’s Amitabh Bachchan’s daughter, she’ll never say anything),” Karan answered.

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