Karan Johar, the man who outplays the cliches of masculinity in his own good ways

"Everybody knows what my sexual orientation is. I don't need to scream it out. If I need to spell it out, I won't only because I live in a country where I could possibly be jailed for saying this. Which is why I Karan Johar will not say the three words that possibly everybody knows about me," Karan Johar wrote in his autobiography.  A man who concealed his romantic ardour for way too long, before he could talk about it. One whose relationships were constantly under the scanner, crucified by uncalled judgments. Karan Johar, who thinks he has become the poster boy of homosexuality in India and probably smiles at it, brings in his 46th spring today.


Beyond his identity of one of India's most successful film producers and an irremediable romantic whose films you can love or hate but can't ignore, Karan Johar has other sides that demand equal admiration. Most important of them is how he has embraced his feminine instincts, intentionally or unintentionally blurring the gender lines in process.

Hence, obtaining fatherhood felt like an extension of his motherly instincts as well. "I am the mother of my children. I am more of a mother than I am a father," he once said, adding how his need of having children came from his sense of nurturing. You'd not come across many male public figures with such a confession!

You might remember Karan breaking into spontaneous classical dance on the sets of Jhalak Dikhhla Ja season 9, while he wore a suit! At the recently held wedding of Sonam Kapoor, remember him grooving to Prem Ratan Dhan Payo? To see how he goes beyond the preset ideas of masculinity, pleasing.

In fact, not many of you know that he once turned a designer for women, for a popular clothing. The brand described it as "an interesting confluence of styles inspired by high-street trends and haute-couture". That's something we've noticed in his own style statement many times. A blend of vigour and tenderness!

Happy birthday to the man who has struck many a desired conversations and hopefully will bring on more of them!


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