Lock and lie? Did Akshay Kumar just take a dig at Ranveer Singh with 'Can’t Lock Myself' comment?

Akshay Kumar is prepping the release of his Gold and it looks like he may strike one! He is on his toes promoting his upcoming sports drama and is currently bang in the middle of intense media interactions. And in one such session, Akshay spoke of the efforts he puts in to get into the skin of his character.

He was quoted saying, "Once the costume is off and the film is over, I move to the next. I am not one of those who locks themselves in a room for a month to prepare for a role. I can’t do that. People who talk about the in-depth process of getting into the skin of the character, I think they are lying. If the look is right, 70% of the job is done."


This statement remind us of Ranveer Singh. You may ask why! So it was during the shooting of Padmaavat that the handsome star had locked himself up in the room for nearly a month to get into the dark character of Khilji. "I took 21 days and locked myself up in my Goregaon house. I was completely isolated," Ranveer said at the time.

So was Akshay Kumar just taking a dig at Ranveer? Did Akki call Ranveer a liar? Did Akki just degrade Ranveer's efforts? Is the world shattering?


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