Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Don't know much about Balakot air strike, says Sunny Deol

Actor Sunny Deol' new inning in politics has recently begun.  He joined the BJP shortly ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections and has been fielded as the party's candidate from Punjab's Gurdaspur. While Sunny is new to politics and says PM Narendra Modi deeply inspires him, his father and veteran actor Dharmendra has been in good terms with BJP for a very long time. The actor, unlike his reel avatar, is going slow and diplomatic with his election campaign.

During a road show, he was quizzed about India's relationship with Pakistan as well as the much-talked-about Balakot airstrike. "Movies are different but this is not a movie, this is real life. I have always done positive roles in my life my sentiments are also same,"  he said.  The latter part might raise a few eyebrows, though. "I do not know much about issues like Balakot strikes or India's relations with Pakistan. I am here to serve people; if I win maybe I will have an opinion, right now I don't," he added.


Does it make it easy for a film star to contest the elections? Or, is the 'Modi wave' proving to be advantageous in any way?  "I don't want to encash anything, I just want to work for my country. If I win, I will try to do good work. People often say that politicians never do anything. I thought why not and to change that I have joined politics. If your principles are right you can achieve anything," the actor said.

Sunny filed his nominations about a week back and was accompanied by brother Bobby Deol. His stepmother Hema Malini, a sitting BJP MP, is seeking to be re-elected from Uttar Pradesh's Mathura constituency.

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