Main Wapas Aaunga! Shah Rukh Khan fan from Pakistan jailed for 1.5 years, promises to return

Watched Shah Rukh Khan's Fan yet? The film received really mixed reviews, but it was a great watch on perspective. That's how obsessed fans sometimes are about their favourite stars. In the past, we have heard stories of young boys and girls running away from villages and trespassing into celebrities' homes, all for a glimpse of them. While Shah Rukh Khan didn't probably encounter a Fan-like scary fan yet, here's one man who entered India from Pakistan just to meet him!

Pakistani national Abdullah Shah was sent back to Pakistan after spending 19 months in an Amritsar jail.  He had illegally entered India through Attari-Wagah border to meet SRK.  "Abdullah entered India after witnessing the flag-lowering ceremony at Attari-Wagah border in May 2017. He had been claiming that he had entered India to meet Shah Rukh Khan," said Amritsar jail superintendent, Arshdeep Singh Gill. Shah's spirit is worth a round of applause though!


“I will visit India again but legally now as my dream to meet my superstar has not fulfilled yet. I was given a family like treatment in Amritsar jail," he said. Quite makes for a Fan 2! What say?

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