Meira Omar: A model, a dancer, an aspiring actress and unfortunately, a victim of sexual harassment

The #MeToo movement is at its peak in India and there’s no stopping it. Not just in Bollywood, but even men from the other industries have been accused of sexual harassment and misconduct. A couple of days ago, a few women anonymously spoke of being sexually harassed by KWAN founder and celebrity manager Anirban Blah. After severe allegations against him, he was told to step down from his position. Even as calls for his resignation grew louder, Blah tried to commit suicide in Navi Mumbai on Thursday night but was saved just in time by police officials. Even he is get engulfed in the movement, an aspiring actress named Meira Omar has now has spoken up about Blah’s misconduct with her.

Who exactly is Meira Omar? We got digging and found a few facts about the girl and her presence in Bollywood. Omar had a small role in 2016 release Wajah Tum Ho and a little time spent on her Instagram profile is enough to release that she is not just an aspiring actress but a talented dancer and a model too.


The 25-year-old hails from Afghanistan and was raised in Sweden. She is undoubtedly very gorgeous and carries western as well as Indian attire with ease.


She is not just a good looking face, but also a great dancer. Meira’s Instagram is filled videos of her dancing. We’re not surprised she tried her hand at Bollywood, given that her moves will give many stars a run for their money.


Meira is a close friend of the Dilbar girl Nora Fatehi. Videos of the two on Meira’s Instagram, spending time together is testament of their friendship.



While in India, Meira has rubbed shoulders with some of top Bollywood and TV stars. Pictures of her with the likes of Madhuri Dixit and Sonu Nigam bear evidence.

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