#MeToo: Soni Razdan shares horrific experience, stops short at naming him

The #MeToo movement has led women from different walks of life to come out of their closet and expose the predators. Many horrifying stories have come to the fore involving few big names of the entertainment industry. The recent one to shock us is of Alia Bhatt’s mother and veteran actress Soni Razdan’s. In an interview with The Quint, Soni talked of a time when someone once tried to rape her on the sets of a film.

She is quoted as saying, “Like there was an incident that happened to me when I was on a film shoot and somebody tried to rape me, for example that kind of thing. Luckily they didn’t succeed.”

She further emphasised as to why she didn’t take any action then or only shared this with her roommate. Soni Razdan narrated that she knew his family well and he had children. She didn’t wish to hurt their sentiments and hence, kept mum.

But that was then. The Raazi actress adds that if the incident had taken place now, she “wouldn’t have been that magnanimous” and would have complained. Razdan, however, stopped short at naming the person.

Soni Razdan is a dear friend of Vinta Nanda who exposed Alok Nath by accusing him of rape while they worked together in the serial Tara. Standing by her friend, Soni says that she has seen Mr Sanskari behave badly when drunk.

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