Mumma Ki Parchai from Helicopter Eela: Kajol's obsessive-yet-cool mother act shadows this teen anthem

The millennial bug has hit the moms as well. Gone are the days when a saree-clad Nirupa Roy sniffled over a skipped meal. We now have a cool Kajol trying to bond with her son over Avengers! The first song Mumma Ki Parchai from Kajol's Eela is out and it's a teen anthem that will leave you smiling for sure.

Kajol literally shadows and dominates every frame of the song, and we can't help but sigh in pity for her poor son, played by Riddhi Sen. Swanand Kirkire's lyrics surely make one chuckle for its semblance with our own tryst with teenage is way too stark. Ronit Sarkar's vocals suit the mood of the song quite well. Amit Trivedi's music sounds odd at first, but the raw appeal gets to you after some time. However, it's not the best of his compositions and works majorly because of the visual delight that comes in the form of the mother-son duo, played by Kajol and Riddhi. It would be interesting to see what they offer when the movie finally hits the screens.


All in all, the first ride offered by Helicopter Eela is surely a fun one. We would suggest you take your mums on this sweet guilt trip for sure. Fret not, it will not earn you a chappal,  and even if it does, you may well be used to it by now. *winks*

Watch the fun-filled trailer of Helicopter Eela here.

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