Namaste England Review: Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra’s chemistry is better off-screen

Namastey London, a movie that broke several stereotypes with a woman gaining the ultimate liberty to work her way around a marriage premise, was received with immense applause for its amusing storyline. Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif were aptly cast as the Punjabi munda and NRI babe, respectively. A decade into it, Vipul Amrutlal Shah is back with a new story starring Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra. However, we have a word of caution – Namaste England is everything that Namastey London was not.

It crushes women empowerment to the core as Parineeti‘s father says “aurton ka kaam hai marddon ka pett bharna”. Her family is so deeply rooted in patriarchy that they agree to wed her off to Arjun Kapoor, on the condition that she will not work post marriage. She must stick to being a housewife because that’s the primary role of a woman. That’s where the ultimate misogyny sets in. Parineeti is in love with the ever-ready to romance Arjun Kapoor who dreams of a citizenship in London. Parineeti will do almost anything under the sun to make it happen and ultimately seeks solace from a stinking rich, good looking guy. Obviously, the atmosphere back home is pretty tense with Arjun unhappy about it.

Now this is Bollywood so you may have guessed Arjun’s next move. He takes the illegal route to reach her. At this point, we’re hoping for some miracle to save us or even a logical second half. But we’re disappointed again.

To begin with, the second half has two more pivotal characters played my Aditya Seal and Alankrita Sahai. Two rich, good-looking and independent youngsters. But sadly, their roles provide no meat to the story. In fact, they add to our trouble. Aditya eyes Parineeti, while Alankrita has finally found her ideal guy. She’s even ready to accompany him to a village where she could possibly be helping him inject a poor buffalo. So much for love, because Arjun says Pyaar pe duniya kaayam hain, so be it. Arjun and Parineeti give us a very interesting lesson in how to earn a residency in London and dance in the most lavish clubs, with no aim or ambition whatsoever. Writers Ritesh Shah and Suresh Nair produce a weird mixture of senseless ambition, misogyny, poor chemistry and superficial sacrifices. All just to portray a story with a weak backbone, poor dialogues, poor parallel characters and what not. Arjun and Parineeti impressed us in Ishaqzaade, but they’re a disappointment in the film.

If you think that the musical score would be the sole saving grace for this film, then let us burst your bubble - it’s equally jarring. Abruptly placed songs to evoke emotions does nothing and neither does the romance chemistry between the lead protagonists.

Our final verdict – Avoid this English trip!

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