Namrata Shirodkar gives us a Sonali Bendre update we have been waiting for

"You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have," wrote Bob Marley. Sonali Bendre is living it.  She is presently in the US for her cancer treatment and continues to put up a brave face. Her friends are frequent in dropping by and paying her visits. The latest one was Namrata Shirodkar. The two caught up and a long, heartfelt chat followed.

"She is a strong girl. She looks amazingly fit and ready to get back to normal life. I had such a lovely time with her. We discussed so many things. She told me the entire story of her illness and what gives her the strength, and I told her that she’s always in my prayers," Namrata later told Deccan Chronicle.

“Just like me, she’s so typically Maharashtrian in so many ways. We chatted about everything under the sun. We even laughed about some shared recollections of the past," she said, adding that they were soon to take a stroll around the Central Park one day.

Susanne Khan, Diya Mirza, Gayatri Oberoi and others have met Sonali in past.


Because it's good to have a good company on your not so good days!

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