No namesake for god's sake! Imran Khan is frustrated with Imran Khan

Imran Khan definitely wanted to become famous when he took to acting. Not going into what he is up to these days.  But of late, fame is definitely reaching him in a way he does NOT want it! Not getting it?

The internet has a heterogeneous character; it's mostly interesting. Some of our fellow netizens thought Imran Khan was the honourable Prime Minister of Pakistan! LOL.

We believe he has been receiving mails and messages for quite some time now.  It probably got a bit too much this time and he needed some 'call of action'.

LOL to that! If he formed a political party today, Imran would probably have a bunch of people ready to join. For the name's sake!

Workwise, Imran recently turned a director! He is directing a short video titled Slingshot, produced by Dharma 2.0, a wing of Dharma Productions that specialises in creating content for brands.

Good luck to that!


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