Oh my jeez! Priyanka Chopra’s beau Nick Jonas is a CASANOVA, with 11 celebrity exes

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s are painting the town red. Fans are loving that they are together. So much that they have now started calling them as Nickyanka (an acronym for Priyanka and Nick). We don’t know how serious they are. Maybe they are still figuring out and getting to know each other better. We really hope that this is not just Nick’s yet another fling as the handsome dude has quite a history when it comes to his love life. Nick has dated almost 11 women before he got into a relationship with Priyanka. Let’s take a look at the women who were involved with Nick:

Miley Cyrus


Nick and Miley were a power couple from 2006 to 2007. Both always remained hush-hush about their relationship status in public. But Miley revealed the details of their romance in her book, Miles To Go. The duo then rekindled their romance in 2009 and Nick shared his feelings for her in 2012's Wedding Bells, but nothing worked between the two and they parted ways.

Selena Gomez


When Nick and Miley broke up at the end of 2007, he was quick to fall into the arms of another Disney starlet. The duo was spotted together multiple times and she even starred as his love interest in the Burning Up music video.

Courtney Galino


The So You Think You Can Dance alum was a dancer in Camp Rock, and when the two were seen at a concert together, it was being said that they were more than just friends.

Nicole Anderson


Nicole and Nick played love interests on Jonas LA, but nobody knew what was up with their relationship. Then, Nicole was seen out on a double date with Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas, which cleared things up a little.

Samantha Barks


Nick Jonas and his Les Miserables co-star Samantha Barks were reportedly dating at the same time he was involved with his other co-star, Lucie Jonas. All parties involved denied all the reports. "The story about me dating my both costars Samantha Barks AND Lucie Jones is untrue," Nick tweeted back then.

Delta Goodrem


Despite the age gap of almost 10-years, Nick and the Australian singer dated for almost 10 months after working together in the studio. The two never hid their romance and seemed very happy together, but ultimately broke up in 2012.

Gigi Hadid


After Nick and Delta broke up, he was spotted on a few dates with Cody Simpson's current GF. The duo went to the movies, Disneyland and more. But then they eventually broke up.

Rita Ora


Though the two never officially dated, Nick did have a pretty big crush on the singer in 2013, so much that he actually ended up writing a song about her. The Jonas Brother’s track What Do I Mean to You? calls out Rita by name. According to Nick, the song is about someone who was not very nice to him. Yikes.

Kate Hudson


There may be a 13-year age difference between Kate and Nick, but that didn't stop these two from seeing each other last year. Both were very vague about the nature of their relationship, though. And the Jealous singer told Ellen DeGeneres that he was single and had been at a group dinner with the older actress, not a date.

But even if these two didn't date, we know something went on between them. "Out of my best effort to respect her and her privacy, I'm not going to say if we had sex or not," Nick said in an interview with Complex. "But we did have a beautiful connection."

Kendall Jenner


Kendall and Nick are both young and successful and looked pretty cute together when they were spotted on a couple of dates back in 2015. They eventually revealed that they were just friends and only hung out because Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas were together so often. "There are times we'll be in the same place and we all hang out," Nick told E! News.

We believed him at first, but then an anonymous source told the New York Daily News that Nick had actually been interested in the model but ended things because she was too annoying. Ouch!

Goergia Fowler


You don't bring a girl to an engagement party unless you're serious about her, right? When Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner celebrated their engagement in November 2017, Nick arrived with 25-year-old model Georgia Fowler. She was spotted with none other than Harry Styles back in 2015, and last year, she was often spotted with the youngest JoBro taking her to Yankees games and engagement parties.

Nick is surely a Casanova. Priyanka, better beware.

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