Omerta: Banned scenes leaked online days before film’s release

Hansal Mehta’s soon-to-be-released film Omerta has received a lot of favourable reviews since the release of its trailer. Rajkummar Rao’s performance became an instant talking point and fans commended the first look of the film. Omerta has been battling the CBFC to release the film with minimal cuts, forcing the makers to postpone the release date. Though the film is set to release on Friday, it seems like a few leaked clips made their way on the internet.

A few days before its official release, a Twitter handle named lostlove2916 posted two clips from the upcoming film. The handle is not remarkable on social media, in the sense that it only has four followers and only two tweets.

The clips have a watermark on them which says ‘*Confidential* For Festival Consideration’. One of the clips shows Rajkummar Rao relieving himself while a group of inmates recites the national anthem. The other clip involves a sex scene.

According to a report on DNA India, the revising committee ordered two cuts to the film. "...It is an offensive scene and it is supposed to make you angry. There is one scene where he is having a violent sex before he carries out an operation," said Mehta to DNA India. It is possible that the leaked clips are from the same ones the CBFC objected to.

Omerta had featured at the Toronto International Film Festival and was even screened at the Jio MAMI film festival. Produced by Nahid Khan, it is presented by Swiss Entertainment. On Friday, when it releases, it will clash with the Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor starrer, 102 Not Out.

Omerta is based on the 1994 kidnappings of four Western tourists in India. Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh was arrested and served time in prison for plotting the crime.

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