Varun Dhawan: Once challaned, twice shy when it comes to selfies

It just takes that one embarrassing incident to straighten us up, even the best of us. Varun Dhawan surely seems to have learnt his lesson, at least the road and traffic ones. He’s never one to turn down a selfie request but he’s keen to stay away from the cameras, at least on the road. The actor, however, seems to be struggling with communicating that with fans who are trigger happy and eager to get in the same frame with the star. It seems to have reached an uncomfortable point, so much so the Judwaa star took to Twitter to explain himself.


With Varun, however, it is a case of one bitten twice shy. In November last year, the actor was pulled up by the Mumbai Police after an image of him leaning out of his car to take a selfie with a fan in an autorickshaw was printed in a daily. The police called him out for attempting these ‘adventures’ on the streets of Mumbai and even sent him an e-challan. *ouch*


Varun was quick to apologise and promised not to encourage fans to cross the line.


Varun isn’t alone in this struggle. A few weeks ago, Arjun Kapoor too had a similar issue when he was under the weather and didn’t want pictures taken. He questioned the selfie craze and whether it was ok to refuse a picture when he wasn’t up for it.


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