Parineeti Chopra has ‘joota chhupai’ plans ready in place for Priyanka-Nick wedding!

On August 18, as Priyanka Chopra officially got engaged to Nick Jonas, the world witnessed their special moments online. Within no time, pictures of the couple dressed in traditional attires made their way on social media and they too shared some romantic moments themselves on their respective accounts. This was followed by an engagement party in the night which saw a limited number of celebs in attendance.


The entire ceremony became a talking point and one thing’s clear that the world cannot wait to see Priyanka walk down the aisle with her man. As excited fans are keen to know more details on their impending wedding, cousin sister Parineeti Chopra encountered a fun question on social media and her reply to it was equally bang on.

A Twitter user asked her if she plans to steal Nick Jonas’s shoes during the wedding, and Parineeti was quick to reply on it, as she discussed her plan of action.



For those unaware, the ‘joota churai’ ceremony is quite a prevalent system that takes place in majority of Indian weddings where the bride’s sisters steal the groom’s shoes as he enters the mandap and later demands money from him.

As we speak about this, another pertinent thing that comes to our mind is the net worth of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra. Reports suggest that Nick is estimated to have a net worth of $25 million and his primary chunk of the big moolah comes from his singing career. Speaking of Peecee, a report in 2017 claimed her net worth to be around $10 million, however, a Yahoo! Finance report mentioned her net worth to be $28 million. Woah, their combined net worth stands over $50 million. This is one couple whose wedding will definitely be called THE wedding of the year. And as for Parineeti, well considering her future gigu’s net worth is $25 million, she can ask for a huge amount of money from him.

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