Priyanka Chopra just dropped the cutest pic of ‘boo’ Nick Jonas with her nephew!

We can never get enough of Priyanka Chopra and her American beau Nick Jonas. The couple never spares a chance to surprise us with their heartwarming pictures. This time, they went a step-ahead providing for one of the cutest pictures. Not together, but with PeeCee’s nephew instead.


Peecee shared a picture of her ‘Boo’ Nick Jonas with her nephew and it’s too cute for words. We see them enjoying some cuddles as Nick, like a loving uncle, plays with the little one. It’s not something you would get to see every day. The picture depicts a different side to Nick, we haven’t seen before. Probably, just like his fiancée, he too harbours a love for children, and when the child is your bae’s nephew, you got to pamper him a wee bit more right! In fact, in an earlier interview, Nick had revealed that he loves kids and would love to start a family too. Aww!

Like minds, think alike! As we all know that PeeCee too dotes heavily on her nieces and nephews and often shares pictures with them. Speaking of their wedding reports, it’s likely to happen in December and probably would clash with the wedding reception of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone.

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