Quickies 22nd March 2019: Kalank's First Class song, Akshay Kumar's Kesari leaked by Tamilrockers, Aamir Khan's IPL connection and more...

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Tamilrockers target Akshay Kumar's Kesari

With a bunch of films releasing this week, Kesari made its way to the big screen on Holi. The film starring Akshay kumar and Parineeti Chopra, managed to receive positive reviews which on most occasions is a good sign for the box office collection but this particular film being one of the latest victims of piracy makes it anything but a good sign. Now I don’t know how many of you are aware of Tamilrockers, well they’re basically an online piracy group who’s popular for leaking films on the day of their release and they managed to leak an entire copy of Kesari within hours of its release. Unfortunately for the makes, it’s available for free download in various HD formats. Not cool Tamilrockers.


Sadly it’s a daily routine for them and they don’t spare cinema from any region, be it Hindi or Tamil or Telugu or even Hollywood for that matter. In fact, even though their website is banned, it’s easily accessible from proxy serves.

Anyway, the makers of the film have not yet commented on the situation which is understandable but on the bright side this film - in which our very own Khiladi is seen rocking the sardar look has emerged as the biggest opener of 2019 so far. 21.50 crores on the first day of its release. So kudos to everyone who was involved in this project and even though it might seem like a far-fetched dream, I genuinely hope a nasty thing Piracy does come to an end soon.

First Class song from Kalank

So the latest song from Kalank ‘First class’ just dropped and when you watch it, there is no way you can’t feel bad for Varun Dhawan’s character. In a nutshell, it gives you a feeling of that beginning of the end types moment. It’s got Alia getting married to Aditya Roy Kapur and well, she looks anything but happy and the tears rolling down her eyes definitely don’t make it any better. And then you can see Varun Dhawan in full denial! How you ask? I mean why else would he possibly say ‘Sab first class hai’ and then dance his heart out? It’s such a classic bollywood thing to do, in fact it reminds me of that movie “Mere yaar ki shaadi hai”. Don’t have to break you head too much over it, since the plot of the film is given away in the title. Anyway coming back to Kalank we see Varun moving along with Kiara Advani who is pretty much in the same state as her dancing partner. But all said and done, it’s a nice song written by Amitabh Bhattacharya and composed by Pritam. If that’s not good enough, well then you have Arijit Singh and Neeti Mohan singing it.

Now make way, fun facts coming through. At the song launch event it was revealed that it features as many as 1000 background dancers. Damn that sounds first class indeed. And and and the makers began the shooting of Kalank with this very song. If you ask me, that’s a smart move given that they wanted to get done with the most hectic scheduling of the film right at the very beginning, you know unless they got some other song which has more than a 1000 dancers.

Oh well, looks like we’ll find out on 19th April when the film releases.

Reba Monica John joins the cast of Thalapathy 63

So what’s happening down south? Well, the team of Thalapathy 63 seems to have gotten their casting in place. So along with Thalapathy Vijay who is the lead of the film, we got bollywood’s hunk Jackie Shroff playing the lead negative role. And also Daniel Balaji as one of the antagonists. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Daniel but he’s actually a popular villain figure in the south Indian film industry. Then there is Nayanthara who’s going to be the lead heroin and also a young hero named Kathir who is cast as Vijay’s friend. Honestly I don’t follow regional cinema that much so I don’t know who these actors are, but if you’re interested then by all means, please Google them.

There’s also Reba Monica John who’s going to be a part of this project. She’s quite young since she debuted in films with Nivin Pauly back in 2016.

Women’s football is one of the key elements of the film, so we can expect Reba to be a footballer, just like the main lead Vijay who’s been training hard to look the part.

The shoot is expected to wrap by July giving a good amount of time to the editors to come up with the final cut by the Diwali release date in October.

Aamir Khan's IPL connection

Be it movies or sports, advertisers always end up becoming an integral part of it. More often in sports, especially cricket and needless to say the most popular 20-20 series in the country.  In fact it’s got the highest number of advertisers. And wher there’s so much endorsement to be done, who better than the famous personalities of the country to do it. This year Aamir Khan has bagged not one, not two but rather three endorsement offers to his name. Starting with the title sponsor for the league and phone manufacturer Vivo, and then there’s the on-air sponsor and the digital payment app PhonePe and lastly a shoe brand called Walkaroo.

Want to guess the marketing budget of the three brands put together? Well, it’s not that big a deal expect that it totally is. A whopping 250 crores. Interestingly this figure is higher than the budget of any film Aamir has worked on so far.

It’s also the first time for PhonePe to have a celebrity endorser and the word from CEO of the compay Sameer Nigam on picking Aamir Khan was  “His name is synonymous with sincerity, hard work and dedication to his craft. These are values that are completely in sync with PhonePe’s ethos of trust, security and reliability. Therefore, we felt that Aamir is the perfect brand ambassador for our company as we look to introduce digital payments to a billion Indians.”

Huh. So look like this cricket season is going definitely going to be rich for Aamir.

Serena Williams open on her battle with depression

While everyone loves discussing or debating the idea of change, a 12 year old American student and activist Naomi Walder actually did something about it. She has introduced a 6 episode digital show named DiversiTea. The episodes will be available on Ellentube and in the show Naomi herself will be seen talking to personalities who are bringing in better changes. The guest for the first episode is Serena Williams. Very recently people magazine released an exclusive clip of the show. It had Serena talking about gun violence and how she was impacted by it. She said and I’m going to quote her here“I was affected personally by gun violence, my sister unfortunately, passed from that. People are talking about it now because it’s happening more widespread, but it’s been affecting our community for years...I think we need to get comfortable with having uncomfortable conversations. Situations are never really gonna get better if you always avoid it, you have to take it head on, It was a real dark period in my life. I went through depression. I never even talked about it to my mom. No one knew I was in therapy, but I was. I was so close to my sister."

The sister Serena is referring to obviously not Venus Williams but in face her half sister Yetunde Prince who was shot back in September 2003.

If you want the details, you can find them online. So here’s to hoping she’s resting in peace and also the world has more Naomi Walders in the making.

Well that’s all for today. Have a great weekend. Until next time.


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