Race 3: When Salman Khan’s perfect timing avoided an injury

Even though he has crossed 50, Salman Khan is one of the fittest Bollywood actors, and there is no denying that fact. You can call it over the top or too massy, but the superstar’s stunts surely earn him fandom. Whistles are a plenty every single time he takes his shirt off on screen. Why should his latest, Race 3 be any different? And if the director of the movie, Remo D’Souza is to be believed, then it was sheer timing of Salman that prevented him from getting injured.

Everyone witnessed the scene in the trailer wherein Salman is riding a bike and within seconds we see a tree trunk falling behind him. Well, the scene took five days to shoot, and the credit goes to not only the crew that held the tree and dropped it accurately, but also to Salman who calculated the risk and rode through before the tree could fall on him.



Remo opened up about one of his favourite action sequences, which was this one that was shot in Bangkok’s Kanchanaburi jungles.

He praised Salman and said, “Since the tree had to crash a few feet behind Salman, we took five days to synchronise it before the shoot. It was being held atop by crew members till Salman rode his bike beneath it. Since one cannot predict how fast a tree will fall, a lot depended on his timing.”

Well, we are definitely waiting to catch this breathtaking sequence on the big screen.

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