Ranveer does a Manoj Kumar pose, garners praises from the veteran

Ranveer Singh is the talk of town. From his outstanding portrayal of Alauddin Khilji in the Padmavati trailer to his leopard print shorts he favours, Ranveer manages to make it to our newsfeed on a daily basis. In a recent image posted on Instagram, the actor is seen channeling his inner Manoj Kumar with him partially covering his face in an attempt to imitate the yesteryear actor’s famous trademark gesture. It’s the same pose that was once mimicked by Shah Rukh Khan in his movie Om Shanti Om, for which he was dragged to court by the veteran actor.

This time around, however, Manoj Kumar shrugged off any signs of annoyance. In fact, it turns out that the Kranti and Purab Aur Paschim actor is quite impressed with Ranveer Singh’s acting. While speaking to Hitlist magazine, Kumar said, “I have seen the snapshot. He has done a good job of imitating me. I laughed a lot when I saw the picture. Ranveer is on the right track. What Shah Rukh did was hitting below the belt, what Ranveer did was in good taste.”


Kumar added, “Ranveer is a fine artiste. My good wishes are with him. I have seen his film, Band Baaja Baaraat.” He even added that he has already worked with Ranveer’s grandmother Chand Burke in the film ‘Pehchan.’

It is surprising that Kumar appreciated Ranveer’s experiment with the pose but vehemently disapproved of the same depiction by the King Khan over a decade ago. Shah Rukh Khan had later apologised to Manoj Kumar, after the latter filed the defamation case (which was later withdrawn). He had said, "I was completely wrong... If he is hurt, I apologise. I called him (Manoj Kumar) in the afternoon, and the first thing he said to me was, ‘It is no big deal, son’. People do parody... It is a done thing."

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