Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone wedding: Here’s why the bride chose The Leela Bangalore for the reception

One of the most awaited weddings of B-Town is all set to take place next week. We are talking about our Ram and Leela, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone. A couple of weeks ago, the two took to Twitter to inform their fans about their wedding on November 14 and 15 and we just can’t wait for these two to two the knot. The wedding will take place in Lake Como, Italy.


The to-be bride and groom left for Lake Como, Italy on Saturday early morning. Dressed in white, the two looked wonderful as usual. After their wedding in Italy, a grand reception is planned in Bangalore, the city that Deepika hails from. It was the actress’ decision to have a wedding reception in The Leela Bangalore and the reason is the food. That’s a good enough reason we think!


So, Deepika loves the food at a restaurant in New York named Le Cirque. This famed restaurant has a branch in The Leela Bangalore named Le Cirque Signature. So, it was the restaurant that made Deepika choose The Leela Bangalore for her reception. Reportedly, her mother made trips to the restaurant not once, not twice but thrice and all three times were for food-tasting purposes. Rightly so, it’s her daughter’s wedding and we are sure she wants everything to be perfect. The food served at the reception will be pre-dominantly South Indian though.

The couple will stay at The Leela in Bangalore between November 20 and On November 22, 2018 with the wedding reception scheduled to take place on November 21. The newlyweds are expected to be back from Italy on November 18, 2018.

From Italy to Bangalore, we are surely expecting and are excited for their grand celebrations.

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