Ranveer Singh: Doctors warned that if I wasn’t careful I may not fight or dance again

There is nothing in this world that Ranveer Singh can’t do. From being the flamboyant Bajirao to devil Alauddin Khilji, he is outstanding in everything he picks. Plus, his infectious energy can make anyone fall for him, including men! But imagine if Khilji wouldn’t have danced on Khalibali or Bajirao hadn’t celebrated his victory by grooving on Malhari. Depressing no? Well, it could have been the case if Ranveer hadn’t paid attention to his back injury that he suffered while climbing a mountain for his film Lootera.


In his recent interview with Vogue, Ranveer revealed being bed-ridden after suffering an injury and how it changed his perspective about life. He stated, “Doctors warned that if I wasn’t careful I may not be able to fight or dance again. That experience changed me in a way that I came out of it more evolved. I understood the fragility of life a little more. All of a sudden it looked like my career and films would slip out of my hands. So I started expressing myself, over a period of time, without filter, without the fear of being judged… There are two sides to me, my sensibilities have a dichotomy. I’m as much a minimalist as a maximalist. My moods are mercurial, ever changing. One day I feel like wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans, on another day I feel like multicoloured florals head to toe.”

We love you in every shade Ranveer…xoxo.

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