Ranveer Singh says #AskSimmba, sister in law Anisha Padukone sends in a compliment

There's a reason why Ranveer Singh can literally melt any woman's heart. Gone are those days when we would crush over just his hot bod and the impeccable charm. Right from the day he tied the knot with long-time beau Deepika Padukone, we are clean bowled over Ranveer Singh, the husband! Ever saw how he looks at Deepika, with his eyes gleaming with all the love? And he just proved himself to be not just the best husband but the cutest jiju as well!

The actor who is right now on a promotional spree for his upcoming release Simmba, recently conducted an #AskSimmba session on Twitter. Everyone, of course, jumped in and we were having a good time reading the tweets. But then, there was his sister-in-law Anisha Padukone, who sent in her sweetest 'I love you' to her darling jiju! Twitterati simply could not get enough of this conversation. Neither can we! This just shows the spontaneous equation that the two of them share.


With powerful actions, crackling chemistry between Ranveer and starlet Sara Ali Khan and Rohit Shetty's master touch, Simmba looks like a smashing success already. 27th December is the date!

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