Serial kisser Emraan Hashmi says kissing scenes don't titillate audiences anymore

Remember Kangana Ranaut’s dialogue in Queen, “Indian sab chiz mein best hai, kissing mein bhi Indian hie best hai. Kabhi Emraan Hashmi ka naam nahi suna, usko sab filmo mein dekho kissing best hai.” It’s the reputation he’s earned himself given his countless kissing scenes in his movies. But who’s interested in kissing anymore, at least not Bollywood’s audience. With a change in preferences, it looks like Emraan too has changed his views on kissing scenes.

At an event recently Emraan said, "There's always an emphasis on that (kissing scenes) which I have tried to stay clear of. It comes with the kind of shows or movies that you do, those things are not sprinkled for effects. They used to be, 15 years back, to titillate the audience. But now the audience has grown up, become matured.”

"The youngsters are exposed to a lot more than that. So the underlining which was there during 'Murder' 15 years ago, it's not necessary anymore. I don't choose films just because that's (kissing scene) there. I choose a film because of its story and the character," the actor added.

Emraan’s movies aren’t doing wonders at the box office anyway. His last three releases - Baadshaho, Raaz: Reboot and Azhar failed to make a mark with collections. By the way, even these three films had kissing scenes in it. Looks like Emraan is finally tapping the pulse of the audience given that content-driven films are increasingly winning the big bucks.


His next release is Cheat India which is based on our country’s education system. The movie is slated to release on January 25, 2018.

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