Shah Rukh Khan's Zero posters gets zero points for creativity on Twitter

Zero ka Hero, Shahrukh Khan, dropped the newest poster of the film on Twitter late on Wednesday, two days before his birthday. One featured him and Katrina Kaif just before they kiss in the film, we presume and the second had Anushka Sharma beaming on a wheelchair while Khan’s Bauaa seemed to be hitching a ride. Playing a dwarf has been a rather challenging task for the King considering the amount of CG that went into the making of the film. But all that hard work amounts to nothing if the audience decides to dis one’s efforts. The two posters have attracted mixed reactions on social media. The fans have loved it, we too by the way, but others not so much.



The two uploads had been liked 36 and 27 thousand times respectively when we last checked and the fans are now keenly waiting for the trailer launch on the Badshah’s birthday on Friday. But while there is a lot of positivity around the film’s release there’s a section of cinephiles who didn’t quite get the posters. Some going as far as calling them inspired by posters of other films.


The poster of Telugu film Oopiri starring Akkineni Nagarjuna and Karthi looks somewhat similar to Zero only THAT film released in 2016. A remake of the French film The Intouchables, Oopiri also starred Tamannaah. It’s also being claimed that the second Zero poster is inspired by another French film Up For Love (French name: Un homme à la hauteur). And as we type this the twitter war continues but something tells us that we haven’t heard the last on this because – Trailer launch toh abhi baaki hai mere dost. We’ll get you more on that on November 2nd.

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