Simmba Ranveer Singh's Independence Day pledge is the need of the hour!

Ranveer Singh has played an array of roles in his career which is not even a decade old. A flirty lover, a tyrannical ruler, a vintage thief and what not. And now, he is going to make another addition to his endless experiments with the art of cinema, albeit with masala. Ranveer will be essaying the role of a cop in his next. Titled Simmba, it will be a Rohit Shetty venture, emblazoned with his quintessential brand of over-the-top and yet massy and loved cinema.

This Independence Day, Ranveer's Simmba has taken a pledge, and trust us when we say, it is the need of the hour.

Women safety in the country has really gone for the toss, of late. Maybe, one can say that it was always that way, just that now people are more aware and reporting the smallest of incidents. Either way, it is of concern, the way we wake up to cases of violence against women every other day. And these cases encompass women of every strata and age group, including babies. Horrifying, yes, but it will only stop if we collectively as citizens carry the baton to put an end to it.

Bollywood has a huge reach and Ranveer has a massive fan-following. Let's hope that his act brings some awareness.

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