Simmba trailer launch: Ranveer Singh has already started with wife jokes!

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone’s wedding saga lasted for days but now, it’s time for Mr Baba to switch on his work mode. Today he attended the trailer launch event of his upcoming film Simmba and all that we could hear was Ranveer Baba Ki Jai ho. He got mobbed outside the venue with his fans chanting his name at the top of their voice. Well, Simmba has arrived! But of course, how can he be spared with questions over his marriage by the media.

Deepika Padukone has already termed him the best boyfriend ever, and now all we want to know how he is as a husband. When asked about the same, Ranveer gave himself a 100/100 as a boyfriend but said that he is still testing himself as a husband. He said, “I am the best boyfriend, ab mujhe best husband of the millennium achieve karna hai.”

Well…well…that’s being very subtle Ranveer! But let us tell you that he has already begun joking about his life post marriage. He enacted how he enters home as a bheegi billi (so unlike the roaring Simmba) post marriage leaving everyone in splits.

We wonder what does DP have to say about this.  Any thoughts? Meanwhile, Simmba releases on December 28th and you can read the trailer review here.

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