Simmba trailer review: Ranveer Singh has the swag but the ghost of Ajay Devgn’s Singham could haunt him

Most Indians have grown up to iconic chor-police films. Films that have not just entertained but have also become a part of our culture. They enjoy a cult following with dialogues that are used in daily lives. “Hum tum main itne ched kar dengay...” from Salman Khan’s Dabangg is one example. Who can forget “Yeh Police station hai tumhare BAAP ka ghar nahiin” from Amitabh Bachchan’s Zanjeer. Ajay Devgn’s “atta majhi satakli” is another great example of how cop films are a huge draw at the box office. Hoping to make a mark in a club that already boasts of these cult films and characters is Ranveer Singh’s Simmba. The film dropped it’s first trailer in Mumbai on Monday.

The trailer starts with Ajay Devgn’s baritone; deep and penetrating. Gives us the goosebumps almost immediately. It’s also a worrying sign. Ranveer is a brilliant actor, a hard-working actor. An actor who has a lot of energy but if you ask us whether Singh has a great voice or a voice suited to play a larger than life police officer we’re gonna have to go with an N and an O. So when he runs into the trailer yelling “police” looking like a million bucks we aren’t too sure about what to make of it. Are we going to see a tenor pull off a role that requires a baritone? Well, it looks like it.

Rohit Shetty though has thought this through. Ranveer’s Simmba is not your honest cop. Simmba’s reasons for becoming a cop in the first place has everything to do with the kind of money he’s going to make and we aren’t talking about the salary. There are references to Sanjay Dutt’s Thanedar and Salman Khan’s Dabangg. Clearly, he may have gone through those films quite religiously as prep. Singh sounds cunning, he sounds shrewd and every bit the man who has sold his soul. The tenor aces those scenes perfectly. He has also worked very hard in the gym to get the dhai kilo ka haath and the twirl on that moustache is going to inspire many. With the aviators in place, Singh is on song both in the looks and the acting department.

The trailer to Rohit Shetty’s film points at a story that we’ve seen before. Bad cop? Check. Gone good? Check again. But what he does do is give us a message that requires much attention and considering the mass following that his films enjoy it’s great to see him send out a word as strong as this one. “Jab tak in rapists log ko apan police log thoktey nahiin na, tab tak kuch nahiin badlega sir.”

Unlike the Kedarnath trailer, Sara Ali Khan has one brief dialogue in this one. She delivers it confidently. But there’s one actor who makes his mark felt without uttering a single word and it’s none other than Bajirao Singham himself. Ajay Devgn makes the classic Singham entry in a 4x4 at the very end of this trailer and therein lies the Herculean task that stares Ranveer Singh in the face. If you are a Lion King fan then you know that Simba must overcome all obstacles, including the legacy of his late father, before he’s crowned King. Ditto for Simmba.


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