Sonali Bendre may suffer a delay in achieving the desired good health in 2019, predicts Ganesha

The entire nation was weeping in July 2018 when this gorg actress revealed that she was suffering from Metastatic cancer and undergoing treatment in the New York City hospital. Yep, we are talking about the model, actress, and author Sonali Bendre. She has worked in a lot of successful Bollywood films and carved a niche for herself in the Indian cinema. Right from working with Ajay Devgan in Diljale, to working with Aamir Khan in Sarfarosh, to working with Salman Khan in Hum Saath Saath Hain, she has proved herself to be a versatile artist. She was last seen in the movie Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Doobara after a break of almost ten years from the Industry.

This awesome woman also has several Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Kannada films to her credit. Talk about sheer brilliance! Apart from this, she was also a part of several TV reality shows. She also wrote a book called “The Modern Gurukul: My Experiments with Parenting” which talks about how a kid should be raised by trying to amalgamate few principles from both the modern and the traditional values. We stan a multi-taskmaster! Her career in Bollywood got her several awards, including a Filmfare Award and Star Screen Awards along with being nominated for several others. Told you, awesomeness!

She married film director Goldie Behl in the year 2002 and now has a son, Ranveer, who was born in the month of August 2005. Recently, in July of 2018, through Twitter, she disclosed that she had cancer and that she was being administered in the New York City Hospital, after which a lot of Bollywood celebs wished her a speedy recovery. She has been in good spirits and is fighting to get better. You go, Girl!

Astrological Observations:

According to Sonali Bendre’s birth chart, she has the gift of fine sensibility. She may get to the truth of something, but she cannot rest until this truth also has a goddamn reason. She may not be aware of the full strength of her own nature. There is a deep sense of self-experimentation in her, which can guide her through science to philosophy, through philosophy to love and from love to spiritualism. She has a God-given talent to stand firm against any odd situation which is why she is our very own wonder woman.

To add further, in the year 2019, the transit of Saturn will be over the natal Sun, Venus, and Mercury. The transit of Jupiter will be over the natal Mars and Rahu. Sun is the signifier of health, and the transit of Saturn over the natal Sun is not favourable. This indicates health issues, and it may also create some delay in achieving the desired good health (sad face!). She will have to take proper care of her health as planetary combinations indicate that she will be prone to health issues. Some old health issues may also resurface in the year 2019 and hence care should be taken in this regard as well. However, the transit of Jupiter will help her in getting well soon, but the ongoing health issues will create frustration which will keep her mentally frustrated. The transit of Jupiter post-October 2019 will be favourable, and it will help her in recovering soon.

We hope that Sonali is blessed and the cancer that she is suffering from goes away for good because we know that our homegirl can fight it out! TBH, we already have a lot of respect for her, don’t we? We wish you all the very best!

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