Sunny Deol on entering politics: I am stepping into a new phase

It's a super-busy year for actor Sunny Deol. The actor who had taken a break from his acting is now back with full force. He will be seen in this week's release Blank co-starring Dimple Kapadia's nephew Karan Kapadia. Meanwhile, he has also entered politics. He is contesting in Lok Sabha Elections 2019 from Gurudaspur on BJP's ticket. Finally, we could pin him down for an interview and as usual he was reluctant to talk.

“I haven’t been getting much sleep lately. Just been running around, trying to find my way through some really new roads in my life.  I would really not like to speak about getting into politics. Kuch bhi bolo log matlab ghalat nikal lenge. I’d rather let my work speak for me,” he stated.

While he didn't shed light on his political career, Sunny did seem excited about his movie Blank. He quipped, “It introduces  Karan Kapadia whom I’ve known since he was a child. Yes, I did the film for him. But I wouldn’t have done it if the script wasn’t powerful. I love the story and the entire team including the director Behzad Khambata was new.  I enjoy working with newcomers.”

Even for his son Karan’s debut film Sunny has chosen to work with fresh talent.  “I  have a very talented cast and crew.  I  was told to cast myself alongside my son. But that would look very gimmicky. Audiences are too smart to not see through these gimmicks.  But filmmakers still  indulge  in  these gimmicks, I don’t know why.”

So is Sunny open to the idea of working with his son? He says, “Of course! Why not?  But my casting with him has to be justified. If there was a role for me in Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas I’d have done it. But we (Deols) don’t cast ourselves in films introducing new talent just for for the heck of it. When I was introduced in  Betaab my father was not in the film.”

Blank is the only film in which we’ll get to see Sunny this year.  He is way too engrossed in his son’s debut and his political beginnings to look at acting assignments. He says, “I am not predicting anything about the future. Who knows what lies in store? Today I’m into politics. But I never planned this.  If I like something I’ll definitely sign another film as an actor.  But right now it’s just Blank.”

Sunny is all praise for newcomer Karan Kapadia. “I like his dedication. He’s a hardworking boy. And he doesn’t copy anyone. And he has chosen to make his debut in such an unusual role of a suicide bomber. Even I was not interested in doing conventional roles. I  always found something  unusual to do in my roles.”

Speaking of  Karan Kapadia playing a suicide bomber in Blank, an unfortunate terror attack took place in Sri Lanka recently. Does Sunny see that as a bizarre coincidence? To this, he said, “I wouldn’t like to compare what happened  (in Sri Lanka) with this film at all. Hundreds are losing their lives all over the world to mindless violence.  Films on terrorism should be made. But not if they are exploitative, which  Blank is not.”

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