Daniel Weber's love for Sunny Leone: Better xxx than ex

Sunny Leone is a brave woman who has fought all odds to be where she is today. Her journey to stardom hasn’t been an easy one and the actress has never held any qualms in being open about her life choices. And as she walked through this journey, her partner-husband Daniel Weber has stood by her side through thick and thin.

It’s been over seven years since Sunny and Daniel became man and wife and till date, the two are madly in love as they celebrate every milestone in their life together and are inseparable. Now, the sultry actress bared her heart out to Humans of Bombay and her statements only make us restore our faith in true love.


Narrating her first meeting with Daniel, Sunny said, "We met through Daniel’s band mate at a club in Vegas. He says it was love at 1st sight, not for me though, because all we did was make small talk–there weren’t any floating hearts or violins. But somehow he got my number & email ID. What I liked is that he didn’t call me, but emailed me instead–that’s how we began talking. Coincidentally, I was going to NY, where he lived when he emailed me saying, ‘You’re never going to give me your number, are you?’ Which is when I gave in & he asked me out. I was late for our 1st date. But like a gentleman, he waited patiently. When I reached & we started talking–there was the violin moment. The whole restaurant disappeared & it was just us. We spoke for 3 hours–it was like I’d known him forever. We had a long courtship–in the beginning, it was just us getting to know each other."


That's such a sweet story, straight out of a book. But, we must admit, the moment that got us shocked was her confession about him setting foot in the adult movie industry, as she stated, "He’s so considerate & supportive. In fact, because he wasn’t comfortable with me working with other men in my adult films, he began working with me & we started our own company."

Finally, on a parting note, she said, "It’s been 7 years now & we’re just the same. He supports every dream of mine like it’s his own–he makes me believe that anything is possible. And when we’re all together–the kids, me & Danny making us breakfast...life itself is a dream, one I can’t be." *wipes tears*.

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