Sushant Singh Rajput defends his unverified Twitter account!

#MeToo is like a monster tornado that swears to take down offenders with gusto. Women in the industry seem to have taken up the charge to fight the menace of sexual misconduct at the workplace and are sparing no one, not even an A-lister. However, this #MeToo campaign has also become a pattern to seek vengeance. At least that’s what Sushant Singh Rajput says. The actor, who was charged of being ‘over-friendly’ with Sanjana Sanghi on the sets of his film Kizie Aur Manny, claims to have become a victim of false accusations planted to seek revenge.

Sushant took to his social media handle and shared screenshots of his personal chat with Sanjana in order to clear his name. Ironically, his Twitter handle has been unverified and people are speculating that it is because he has sexual harassment charges against him. But, today, SSR once again cleared the air and stated that his Twitter account does not have a blue tick since September 5, suggesting that it has nothing to do with the allegations. He did not reveal the cause though!

This is Sushant’s side of the story. We wonder if Sanjana will come out in the open and speak about it any time soon! If not now, media shall not spare her during the promotion. Better now than later Sanjana!


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