Sushant Singh Rajput says NO to Chanda Mama Door Ke, but wait, here’s more!

Sushant Singh Rajput’s love for space and science is well known and if reports are true, then the actor will not be working on Chanda Mama Door Ke, which is India’s first film based on space. News18 reports that the actor plans to create India’s first space film with his own expertise. In Chanda Mama Door Ke, Sushant was supposed to act along with Nawazuddin Siddiqui.


Sushant reportedly canceled the project as he could not give dates. As for making his own space film, reports mention Innsaei Ventures, a collaboration between the actor and Varun Mathur, a businessman.

Speaking to News18, Mathur said that Sushant has an unparalleled interest in the universe and he will delve into anything that can help him understand things better. He also confirmed that the actor cannot work on Chanda Mama Door Ke as he has his ‘hands full with many projects.’


“…it does not mean we won’t be making a space film. Innsaei Ventures is quite keen on making a space film and Sushant will be working on this very soon. I extend my very best wishes to Mr. Sanjay Puran Singh and Mr. Viki Rajani for this film. I hope it brings them great success," said Mathur, co-founder of Innsaei, to News18.


Sushant’s interest in space was confirmed when last year he visited NASA to train and even decided to sponsor two kids to visit the space center. Recently, the actor even bought a piece of land on the Moon.

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