Tahira Kashyap recalls the time when her son was 'embarrassed' of her

VJ turned actor Ayushmann Khurrana’s wife Tahira Kashyap has had a tumultuous last year. It was in September 2018 when she revealed through a social media post that she was detected with DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) in her right breast with high-grade malignant cells. Since then, the powerful lady has not only battled the deadly disease with so much nerve but also flaunted her surgery scar with much poise. In simple words, the boss woman has been dealing with the disease like a true warrior!

Tahira’s inspiring story has now found a place in the official Humans Of Bombay page, which has chronicled her life story at length. The post, with two stunning pictures of Tahira, has the caption with Tahira's quote that speaks about her initial days in Mumbai when she wanted to make and write films and had to struggle hard for it. Then there came one fine day when her short film made it to a film festival in Taiwan, so she went there and on reaching the airport, she looked out for someone standing with her husband’s name. Instead, the two spotted a man holding a placard that said, 'Tahira Kashyap'.  “I had finally found my own identity!” she said.

"Tahira Kashyap recalls the time when her son was 'embarrassed' of her"
Tahira Kashyap recalls the time when her son was 'embarrassed' of her

She then went on to narrate the story of how she discovered having stage 0 Breast Cancer, underwent 6-hour long surgery where they removed and reconstructed her breast and had 12 sessions of chemotherapy. She recalled her 7-year-old son getting ‘embarrassed’ because she was bald. He even told her to not come in front of his friends. But she rather went and met all of them, in a motive to ‘redefine normal and beautiful’ for his son that particular day. Nothing has stopped her from embracing life or follow her passion ever, she added. “I’ve made it my mission to love myself & to live my best life, come what may,” she signed off.

Take a look at Humans Of Bombay’s post featuring Tahira here:


Truly inspiring. More power to you, Tahira!

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