The quirky Shakeela poster is in great resemblance with Southern adult film posters of 90's

One definitely remembers Vidya Balan's applause-worthy performance in  The Dirty Picture, the biopic of Southern sex siren Silk Smitha. Long after the adult film star took her own life, her fascinating story is still talked about. Moving on, Richa Chadha is now set to slip into the skin of Shakeela, once a ruling sensation of the Southern adult film industry. We just got our hands on a brand new, quirky poster of the film, wherein Richa is immersed in a glass of alcohol and strikes a pose with a mischevious smile.

This also gives us a flashback to the poster of The Dirty Picture which had Vidya Balan wearing all her sensation. A closer look at both the posters will tell you, the look and the feel are similar to a great extent. From the usage of bright background colours to the fonts used to write the film's name, a lot of it resembles how the adult films of 90's were actually presented. Quirky imagery and evident sensation were always a part of them.



One might remember the first poster of Shakeela which had Richa wearing nothing but gold ornaments and posing against a wall full of hate messages. It pretty much conveys the essence films like these aim to carry. The poster was a homage to Silk Smitha. Years before Shakeela came into the industry, Smitha was at the peak of her career.  The first poster of Shakeela is inspired by Silk Smitha's Ms Pamela. Another poster of Ms Pamela, a quintessential representation of sex appeal, looks evidently similar to Vidya posing for TDP poster.



Richa met Shakeela in Bengaluru as part of her preparations and had an hour-long conversation. While her another long impending film Cabaret was recently acquired by an OTT platform, Shakeela is set to release sometime in later 2019.

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