The secret to Shilpa Shetty's enviably fit bod is here

At 43, Shilpa Shetty is redefining self-care, with utmost importance to regular exercise, proper diet and a wholesome lifestyle which emphasises of striking balance. A firm believer in Yoga's capacity of bringing physical and psychological harmony, she not only practices Yoga regularly but is also working on sharing her knowledge with the world. Here's a sneak peek into how she keeps herself at the fittest best.

#Her workout routine

Shilpa ensures she can concentrate on my breathing for at least

15 minutes per day.  In case she is running short of time and can't follow the entire regime, she would follow her fitness schedule thrice a week. She indulges in both Yoga and weight training. Once the age has crossed 35 years, we lose a lot of muscle mass and bone density and need to work on strength and agility.  Different types of workouts will help you address different problems and strengthen different parts of the body.  Shilpa enjoys learning rope workouts and is also doing advance yoga presently.

#Cardio Exercise

She tries to take the stairs instead of the elevator, whenever possible. There's no separate cardio segment in her workout schedule.

#What's her diet like?

 She eats a heavy breakfast, heavy lunch

and a lighter dinner. We mostly need energy during the day, to keep our activities going.  At night, the carb intake should be kept low. She takes a high-protein fibre diet and includes vegetables and fruits that have fibre and minerals. While she avoids refined sugar and white flour, Shilpa sticks to red rice and brown rice. Favourite cheat food? Biryani or butter nan.

#What led her to Yoga

She was suffering from cervical spondylosis and was advised by her physiotherapist to do yoga. Once her neck was healed, she realised it was strengthed too. Yoga helps you strengthen your body parts from the core. "Yoga is quite brilliant. You feel peaceful after doing yoga and peace equals to

happiness. I feel yoga is the road to happiness," she said.

#The perfect time to do Yoga

Early morning or evening before sunset would be great. Just make sure you have hadn't a meal in last 2-3 hours.

#Hydration is crucial

Shilpa drinks at least 2liters i.e. 8 to 10 glasses of water. Instead of drinking only water, you can also consume lime water with

mint if you like. She carries with herself a glass bottle containing mint, sauf (fennel seed) and jeera (cumin seeds).

Now, you know almost everything you needed to. Wish you great fitness ahead! :)

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