These kick-ass parody accounts of celebrities are cracking us up!

Twitter is THE place where celebrities interact with their fans... and sometimes get trolled too... oops! We totally love virtually stalking (well, not literally) our favourite stars and can vouch for it as a stress-buster. But! The new cool is parody accounts. From Hollywood to Bollywood, from sports to politics, stars from no sphere are spared of these super fun, hilarious accounts. There actually are very talented heads running these accounts, and the humour is usually top-notch. You might want to check out some of them.

#Narendra Modi (@Troll_Modi)

This handle mostly gets the wit right. The admin preys on everything from a festival to a Bollywood film and creates something wacky. Like this!


Or this!


#Fake Rahul Gandhi (#FakeRahulGandhi)

This one is old, but the poetic sense is GOLD. dare you to disagree.


#Virat Kohli (imVKohlee)

Checked out the parody account of Indian Cricket team captain yet? This man has our heart.


#Tusshar Kapoor (@TussharKapoorr)

The bio reads, "Good Actor, at least I think so.". Why does this have only one tweet? WHY?


#Edgar Allan Poe (@Edgar_Allan_Poe)

The great poet is probably rolling in his grave and laughing!


#Elizabeth Windsor (@Queen_UK)


And the highness isn't spared too!

Had a good laugh? You're welcome!

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